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Mid Wales has some of the most diverse and appealing landscapes in the world; woodlands, rivers, lakes, moorland and mountains – all beneath a star spangled sky free from light pollution.

Set in the heart of Hafren Forest Cwmbiga Farm predates the forest by several centuries. The forest, planted in 1937, is continually changing with felling and planting of trees and is also home to Bronze Age copper and lead mines, as well as the source of the River Severn. Covering around 40 square kilometres, and consisting of mainly pine and spruce trees, the forest takes its name from the Afon Hafren (in English the River Severn) which rises in a deep peat bog approximately 800 m outside its western boundary high on the slopes of the highest mountain in Mid Wales - Pumlimon. Although the forest still produces timber for Natural Resources Wales, it has also developed as a wildlife habitat and as a tourist attraction. The red kite is seen in the area, along with many other birds, plants and animals. There are numerous footpaths, and many bridleways that are popular for mountain biking and horse riding.

Mid Wales is blessed with some fantastic tracts of woodland away from the rugged mountains of the North. Here the many deep valleys and tumbling streams give trees the ideal habitat for growth where both deciduous and coniferous varieties can be found; one of the most amazing trees being the indigenous Sessile Oak. Whilst tending not to be very tall they counter this by having many contorted branches. The woods sport lovely wild flowers, especially in spring and in autumn the colours in deciduous woods are vibrant. Fungi and mushrooms are very common whilst in the denser forests  ferns and mosses, of many different types, flourish in the damp atmosphere. 

" The accommodation was spot on, with everything we could need including washing machine which is handy after muddy walks. The surroundings are perfect, with beautiful walks right outside the cottage. The patio area and BBQ outside the cottage was also perfect (though we didn't have BBQ weather we were treated to a great variety of bird life). The drive to Aberdovy over the mountain road is stunning and the small seaside town is well worth a visit. We also learned that the weather at Aberdovy is very different to that on the farm so perhaps worth a trip if, like us, you have a few days of rain. After a day of visits or walking, coming back to light the stove and relax was idyllic."
Gary M